It has certainly been a while since I’ve seen the Super Mario Bros. film, and I can’t see that changing any time soon.


This video however, lays a great foundation for what could have been a great film concept. YouTube user pixelspersecond has released a mock trailer for a film that doesn’t exist. Quite an unfortunate thing really, as this Indie spin on the film would have made it very interesting.



Most of us are aware of the rule about gun peripherals for games consoles and specific CRT televisions right? Flat screens don’t work as well, and LCD/Plasma screens are a no go. So what do you do with those guns? You make lamps out of them of course! Etsy shop owner VoodooWares is selling lamps made from a couple of broken cartridges and a NES light gun. Pretty cool concept, but unfortunately it doesn’t come with the shade.
















Retro game extraordinaire and funny man Keith Apicary released a new episode of  Talking Classics last week; this time he talks about his love for Streets of Rage on the Mega Drive (or Genesis if you’re from America), as well as relationships. Funny video! :D


Finally, Toucharcade are now maintaining an up-to-date list of games compatible with the iCade peripheral. Some pretty cool looking titles are already available with support for the peripheral and there is no doubt that the list will keep expanding enormously over the coming days and weeks. Be sure to bookmark

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