Okay, so still on a break, but I can’t just sit there and not share this awesome news with you all. Blip Festival as you may know, is music festival dedicated to 8-bit/Chiptune music.





They’ve been highly successful in the US and Japan. Australia finally gets a chance to experience Blip Festival 17th and 18th of February. The first wave of artists have just been announced with a second wave coming very soon;

7bitHero (BNE)
10k (SYD)
Abortifacient (SYD)
Batsly Adams (US)
Bit Shifter (US)
Derris-Kharlan (MEL)
Dot.AY (MEL)
_ensnare_ (UK)
Hally (JP)
iLKke (SYD)
Lazerbeat (UK)
little-scale (ADE)
Nullsleep (US)
Patric C (DE)
Saitone (JP)
Trash80 (US)

For more information on the festival and artists, visit the official webpage of the festival at australia.blipfestival.org. Tickets will be on sale from the 9th of January through the site as well.

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