I hope you all absorbed my review of the iCade device for the iPad. Great device which hopefully will go far enough in the iOS gaming industry, and more developers will take in the iCade’s SDK and use it in other games on the App Store.




Source: DeviantArt User JPzilla


Wow.. Simply.. WOW!! This is one amazing piece of art, depicting Toad and Bowser in Feudal Japan era. The detail is truly astounding! I do hope the author decides to sell that as posters. I’d definitely buy one! or 5..















If you’ve thought about getting one of the new Commodore 64 PC‘s, wait, yeah, that’s right.. NEW Commodore 64.. Well this video might be of interest, it’s a comparison video of the original C64 to the new one in detail.


Do you know what a Rube Goldberg machine is? Okay, have you played The Incredible Machine back on PC in the early 90’s? Well it’s now available on the iOS app store. Released by Disney, and graphically has improved a lot since I remember it. Otherwise it’s the same classic puzzler where your objective is to create a machine with the right pieces to achieve your goal in the level. App Store Link


Source: Frankylicio.us

Ohhhhhh I see, so this is what Movies would be like as NES games? Or is it more games that never came out on the NES and what the title screens would look like? Either way they’re pretty awesome! More pics in the source page. Oh I know what you’re thinking.. “Uh, Dave, there was already a Blade Runner game out!” I would commonly respond with;

“Oh of course! The Westwood Games one, right? the point and click adventure yeah??” Normally, I’d go with that response..

But funnily enough, there was another one, that came out 10 years prior to the one above. On the Commodore, Amstrad CPC and ZX Spectrum

And finally.. Uhh.. hmmm Okay, maybe it’s because I don’t have a Playstation 3, nor have I played any of the Little Big Planet games, but I admit, this is hilarious! Street Fighter 2 re-created in the game. Thank you for the link Neil! At least in this game, both players can re-select their characters :P

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