Two hundred and fifty words.

Two hundred and fifty words in which I can tell you fine people out there on the World Wide Website how you may spot a non-gamer within the general populous.  A hard task, I hear you say?  Not so.  For you see, there are five sure fire ways you can tell if a person you pass in the street is a non-gamer.  Five easy ways, and only one way to tell you about them.  That’s right lady (I’m sure there is at least one of you) and gentlemen, this is the Top 5 Ways to Spot a Non-Gamer:

See - not a gamer. Totally looking at Porn

Number 5.

‘Playing online’ means visiting porn sites.














Number 4.

They aren’t throwing a tennis ball at a small animal in an attempt to ‘catch them all’…


















Number 3.

Direct sunlight does not cause them to hiss and slink away into a dark alley.





Number 2.

They don’t huddle around the local gaming retailer trying to discreetly download the latest Pokemon giveaway…and neither do I.  Shut up man.










Number 1.

They’re not YOU!

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