Any of you seen Game of Thrones yet? Amazing show, I guess the best way to describe it, is that it’s “Sopranos” in the medieval/fantasy times. Very high quality production considering it’s on TV. Well I saw this yesterday and had to share this with you all for today’s post;



Source: BrokeComics

Before you all go “hey now, where’s the retro gear on that throne?” Look at what he’s sitting on!

Source: TouchArcade

Alright, let me have a punt at a segue sort of.. To all the Amiga fans out there, you would surely have played Defender of the Crown, right? Well good news! It’s coming to iOS in a couple of weeks or so. Manomio (creators of the C64 app on iOS) are working on a similar app, but focusing on the Amiga platform. This will be the first title to use the “emulator”.



Gah, Pac-Man is everywhere now on this planet. Here’s a site with a slew of photos of things that look like Pac-Man. Some coincidental, others aren’t.
















And finally… Nyawww now isn’t this cute? This has to be one of the smallest arcade cabinets made. What this bloke has done, is gut a Game Boy Advance, bunged in a copy of Space Invaders Advance, and created an itty bitty widdle Space Invaders Arcade cabinet. I have to say.. I really want one ^_^

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