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The way that we purchase games has changed since the introduction of both Steam and the iOS App Store. While the physical medium will still be in the market for many years to come, more developers are looking towards digital. There are caveats with the digital format, of course – and one of these is not being able to afford to purchase memberships to various development programs.


One such incident has occurred with a retro-inspired indie game called Forget-Me-Not on the iOS App Store. The game is a Nethack/Pac-Man clone with a unique technique for defence and offence, and originally came out in late 2011 for iOS, Windows, Android and OSX. It has received much praise for its gameplay and its nostalgic atmosphere. Forget-Me-Not nearly disappeared from the App Store due to the fact that the developer couldn’t afford to renew his Apple Developer Program membership, but thanks to a friend of Brendon’s, the game continues to exist on the App Store for the world to enjoy.

Be sure to grab it at the iOS App Store for free! Also, be sure to check out an interview Marcus had with Brandon Williamson head of Nyarlu Labs.

source: toucharcade


One can’t help but feel good when classic games get re-released by fans for no profit, especially when the re-release is a recreation of one of the more memorable adventure games. Yes, somebody has made a 3D rendition of the entire 1986 classic The Legend of Zelda, and it is a web-based re-release. Not too much is known about this release except that it was made by ‘Mike’ and ‘Scott’, that it’s voxel based, and created from the ground up in WebGL.

The game works with either keyboard or touch screen so that it can be played on a tablet or smartphone (in portrait or landscape), however mileage may vary; I have found that no sound played with Safari on iOS 9.3.1.

Head over to zelda30tribute.com as soon as you can before a certain company decides to order a Cease & Desist.


I’m following up on the theme of last week’s Retrospektive when I mentioned news of a trailer for an upcoming re-release of Contra for mobile platforms.  It appears that a brand new game called GryZor Rescue is in the works. This GryZor tribute for the Amstrad CPC is currently in development, and may well be showcased at a Demoscene event in France called ReSeT which is to be held in June.

More info on the game will no doubt be hitting the web during and after the mentioned event, but be sure to hit indieretronews for more screenshots.


Finally, those of you who live in South Australia and love and appreciate retro Computers will want to head down to the Adelaide Retro Computing Group meeting that will be held at the Eastwood Community Centre tonight at 7:30PM . The group highly encourages new people to join, and even bring old hardware to show and tell – no matter what kind of computer it is as long as it’s retro hardware!

This month will be focusing on Amstrad and Commodore hardware, and features two presentations – with one by Paul who will cover the Amstrad CPC Plus and GX4000 systems. If you do plan to bring hardware, the group strongly advises that you arrive at 7:00 for set-up and to bring powerboards and extension cords.

There is a small cover charge of $3 per person to cover the costs of hiring the venue, etc. For more information, head over to their website at adelaideretrocomputing.blogspot.com.au or their Facebook Page

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