If there’s something that impresses me about conventions, it’s how everyone puts an amazing effort in to organising the event. It’s a challenge, and always rewarding as you’re giving back to the community. As well as that, there’s the amazing shows, video games tournaments, panels, games, and film screenings amongst things that make a pop-culture convention what they are;


Source: Deviant Art user ChozoBoy.

Oh and of course there’s the exquisite amount of effort put in to cosplaying!


Unfortunately, due to running overtime with Saturday’s Panel at AVCon this year, not only missed out on is showcasing the comparisons of Aladdin on the SNES and Mega Drive, but also a Mortal Kombat 2 mini tournament for the SNES. Never mind, there will be another opportunity! For now, check this tidbit out (Thanks for the link Paul!), Someone has managed to hack a ROM of Mortal Kombat 2 to unlock the secret characters Noob Saibot, Jade and Smoke. They weren’t playable in the original game, well now they are.


The other week I brought to your attention, that Manomio are planning on releasing Defender of the Crown for iOS. Well the word is out, on Twitter, THEIR Twitter. Defender of the Crown is scheduled for an August 11 release on the iOS App Store. For those of you who don’t know, Defender of the Crown is a classic Amiga game which defined adventure PC (and I mean that loosely) Gaming of the 90’s.


Picture somewhat unrelated, I just loved Destruction Derby!

And finally, good news for all you folks with Playstation 3’s who miss gaming on the PSone/Playstation/PSX/whatever you want to call it. On the EU Playstation Blog, the announcement is, is that Sony are planning on releasing NTSC-J and NTSC-U PS1 games for you to download/purchase again for anyone in the European and (assumingly) PSN Stores. This news alone is convincing me to get a Playstation 3.. Oh if only I could afford one *fends off bills with his Samurai umbrella*

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