Are there even that many Nintendo 64 games released? (I know there are, just having a playful dig) ;) I don’t know… I’ve been noticing people starting to do this with retro gear, makes me wonder if they’re just dead spares or if they’re legit/working;



Source: Flickr user coolsteel27.

Maybe there’s retro-gamers out there that are like the Predator species, they wear rare and valuable trophies that they’ve apprehended? I’ll never EVER do that. I don’t think I have anything excruciatingly rare. Hard to find yes, but rare? Well, I don’t have it, but I did make an offer of $50 for a boxed copy of Tetris for the Japanese Sega Mega Drive. I should add, that it’s finally sold.

ARCADE CITY – Milan from NotWorkingFilms on Vimeo.

Here’s an awesome video paying homage to classic gaming, in which game characters and other pixels invade Milan, Italy. Cool soundtrack to this vid as well. Another great piece of art that combines pixels and reality, looks familar to something else doesn’t it? Well the artist even plugs the infamous short film Pixels on his page.


Good Old Games or as it’s more often pronounced as, keep pumping out classic PC/DOS titles out for the world to re-play and absorb once again on current-gen PC’s. This time, we see Gremlin Interactive’s Slipstream 5000 out this week.  This is a racing game where you fly your ship over, under, and through canyons and ravines, with opponents having at you, and you having at the opponents. The game was fast back in the day (and I used to play this one on a 486 DX4-100 with 8MB RAM for crying out loud). Addictive, and very good value fun! My only advice, is that you get a joystick or joypad for your PC. Don’t give me that look, you can do without the mouse and keyboard for some games, I’m sure! Speaking of Gremlin.. Ever wondered what ever happened to them? They bought out DMA Design (Lemmings & Grand Theft Auto), and then they themselves got bought out by Infogrames (Alone in the Dark series) which then, by irony, became Atari.

And I think I’ll end it here with this music video. If you’ve played Ocarina of Time (or Ocarina of Time 3D on your shiny new 3DS’es’s’, you will probably laugh and smile at this video. If you haven’t? Look up as to who “Navi” is. Perhaps “HEY! Listen!” might ring a bell? Either way, a great video all about love, Zelda, Link, Ganondorf, and of course that fairy..

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