Awwwwwwwwssssooooommmmmme! Boxed copy of Return Fire for 3DO arrived yesterday. Great game, one of the better 3DO titles, and yes, it’s kind-of like Swiv. It came out on the PC as well, so if you’re interested in checking it out? Don’t hesitate! Alrighty, lets see what we have in store for you today;



Source: Thinkgeek

Need a clock on the wall, in your office or house? As opposed to the one in front of you on your computer, or mobile phone, or hell, even your wrist? Perfect, because Thinkgeek are selling these cool looking pixelated wall clocks!


A while back, DotEmu in junction with EA Mobile, released R-Type for the iOS, but fret not Android owners, as DotEmu will be pumping this classic arcade shooter to the Android platform in mid-September. It will feature the original arcade game, with a slew of power-ups, slick control mechanism, and the classic sounds/music we grew up with on R-Type. Pricing unknown yet, but it will be available on the Android Marketplace, as well as Amazon Android App Store.


Whilst on the subject of handsets, there’s an online store in Japan which sells old-school themed iPhone 4 cases, one resembling a calculator, but another one, resembling a Famicom controller! It looks to be around AU$20 on the site. Hilarious, but cool at the same time!

And finally, a little while back we posted a video we found from Dorkly if Mario Bros. had a Portal Gun in it. Well.. has posted a new video on a project they’re working on. Entitled Mari0 (yes that’s a zero at the end). It will be Super Mario Bros. recreated and fully playable with Portal style physics. What’s cool about this game, is that not only will it be free (for the obvious reasons), but also it will include Super Mario Bros 2. levels… No, not the vegetable picking, enemy throwing one.. I meant Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (it was called Super Mario Bros. 2 on the Famicom Disk System in Japan). Anyways, it looks like fun, and will be available on OSX, Linux, and Windows.




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