I sure love to learn! See, as PS3 newbie, I only just found out that new releases on the PSN come out on Wednesdays, so hopefully we’ll see Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection out by then! Alright, on with today’s post;


So here’s a 14 minute video showing the evolution of Mario throughout the years. From the beginnings of Donkey Kong, right up to the Super Mario Galaxy 2, a great retrospective of the history for the carpenter-turned-plumber.


Frogger Decades is out on iOS in time for Frogger’s 30th Anniversary, and it looks like an interesting reboot. I was expecting electronic music and a mixture of classic graphics with electrifying modern graphic effects. Nope, it’s an extremely colourful 3D title, definitely taking Frogger to the next level. As you see in the screenshot above, it’s all cutesy, and well.. the objective is that you get to the end of each stage avoiding obstacles. First impressions? Eh it’s alright aye! $2 for a game, it’s alright value. If you’re a fanatic of Frogger? Sure grab it! (App Store Link – Universal)


If you recall vaguely the other month I posted a tidbit about preservation of classic-gaming via museums, and emulation. I mentioned also the Video Game History Museum project in the US. I didn’t mention however, that they had a Kickstarter site going, so they could reach the donation amount needed ($30,000 was the goal, they reached over $50,000). I salute those people for doing this. Preservation of this part of history is crucial for the many generations to come.


And finally, as well as Ultima 1-3 re-released by Good old Games, I noticed that Ultima 4 (FREE: link)


and Populous (US$5.99: link) can now be downloaded from gog.com.

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