Have you ever wondered what happens to a dead Nintendo 64 controller? Does it reanimate and become a zombie? Does it get thrown away and turn into more landfill? There are endless possibilities, but have you ever considered this one?




Here’s a great solution! An Etsy seller has been creatively recycling the controllers into desk organisers. The USB port is an extension port and the button areas have been modified so that they can store essentials like paper clips and pens. Certainly beats throwing such classic artifacts away! :D They’re available for sale on the Etsy store.



This week’s chiptune comes from Japan. Enter the artist Cheapshot with his Dubstep/8bit amalgamation which is pretty darn catchy if I don’t say so myself! The tune for this week is Chigu from the EP zOMG. Available for download on 8bitpeoples.com and the rest of the discography on the artist’s Bandcamp profile.



Android users rejoice! Over on the Android Marketplace, I noticed that Boulderdash: The Collection is now available to download and play. The collection includes numerous variants of the classic puzzler, as well as the original 1984 classic. (MarketPlace Link).



Whilst on the subject of re-releasing classics to modern gaming devices, Choplifter is taking a punt at the retro-reboot trend. I must say I’m pretty excited about this release! From the video above, I can tell there will be plenty of Easter Eggs, hidden cameos, loads of weapons, humour and overall wanton destruction to be had! Choplifter HD is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, and Games for Windows by the end of this year.


Last but definitely not least, Angry Video Game Nerd has pumped out yet another hilarious video, this time covering one of the worst Mega Drive (or Genesis) games ever made- Dark Castle. For some twisted reason, I want to play this game. I guess I’ll have to get a Mega Drive after all..

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