Ah, Tetris…a game I will never get sick and tired of!  It’s the puzzle game which many others have tried to mimic and innovate, yet at the end of the day most people will come back to the original. I, myself have been playing Tetris for twenty-seven years now, and I’m still going strong!
There is however, one particular individual who does more than just PLAY Tetris…


Isn’t this just amazing? The video above shows YouTube user Shuey187 creating an image of Luigi with Tetris pieces! There are plenty more designs which he has created, and they can all be found on his YouTube channel. Check them out! :)

First of all, there was the iCade, then Atari decided to make their own desk-top arcade cabinet, and now it seems Taito  is planning to hit the market with their own version for the iPad! The Taito InvaderCade is not only a smaller replica of the Space Invaders arcade cabinet, but also a dock for playing music  with a headphone jack. The device will be priced around US$200 and is set to be released in Japan around early/mid October. Keeping in mind, that the device only has one button (as that was all Space Invader needed besides the Joystick).


Meanwhile over in iPhone land… Capcom has released Final Fight and the Street Fighter 2 Collection on the App Store for the iPhone. Final Fight (App Store Link) is on sale at the moment for 99c (App Store Link) until the 21st of September.


The Streetfighter 2 Collection (App Store Link) includes the original “World Warrior”, Championship Edition, and Hyper Fighting.

This week’s chiptune comes from Sweden. FantomenK has created a lot of music, and he even helped out with Keith Apicary’s Neo Geo Music Video. His self-titled debut album has so many great tunes to tear up the dancefloor with! For example, the tune “The Massacre” (see video above). Be sure to check out his Myspace, Facebook and 8bitcollective pages, and his album on iTunes.

Image Source: superfamicom.org

And last but certainly not least, news has come through from Tokyo Game Show that Chrono Trigger could be making its way to the Android and iOS platform in the future. Exciting stuff, as this game defines what jRPG’s are all about, ie: a great story, multiple endings, longevity, appealing graphics and a soundtrack to empower all emotions under the sun! The control system in Chrono Trigger is a little more complicated than in Secret of Mana (app store link), which I predicted would work fine on the touchscreen interface. Nevertheless, it’s Chrono Trigger, and I’m bloody excited! As I am sure many people around the world would be too with this announcement! :D
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