It is really astounding and exciting to see more artists looking towards furniture for expressing their passion for Video Games! Soon enough retro gaming fans will be able furnish a whole house!





This here folks, is a Tetris-themed sideboard containing drawers and a table with two seats as well.  An amazing meeting of contemporary and retro! If I have you intrigued, there are plenty more photos here.



As some of you may know, Super Mario 3D Land is now out on the 3DS, and it seems Nintendo are going all out with the promotion of this game too. Here is a photo of a horde of Marios heading towards a shopping centre over in the U.S. Rightly so too, as this game is meant to be a lot like Mario64.  Super Mario 3D Land comes out later this month in Australia.



Is your iCade getting dusty? No problem, as there’s a new spin on an arcade classic for iOS. Super Crossfire HD delivers a new take on Space Invaders, with an interesting view perspective thrown in. Super Crossfire HD is on the app store and best of all, with iCade support!

(App Store Link).


SEGA can’t seem to stop bombarding of us with Sonic-related delicacies. No complaints here though! :D I haven’t even had a chance to catch my breath after reviewing Sonic Generations, when they remind us all that Sonic CD is coming to a large range of Mobile devices as well as XBLA/PSN. To add to the news, Tails will be playable, as well as support for Bluetooth control devices. Sonic CD will be available by end of this year. But if you live in the U.S and happen to live near a GameStop store, then you can purchase one of their tablets today, and it will include Sonic CD.



And finally, as much as it is too late for beanies as we’ve now hit the warm weather season, this item may just be something to consider for winter 2012 for sure. I must say, this is definitely one minimalistic, yet adorable Metroid beanie! You do know that Metroid is the creature, and not the hero you play as, right? ;) Okay, well either way, this beanie is available for sale here.

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