Ayrton Senna was an absolute legend in F1 racing. It is a known fact that SEGA sponsored the Williams racing team in the 1993 season.




So much so that even Senna’s trophy was a statue of Sonic holding a trophy! Pretty awesome looking trophy aye? I just remembered that I still need to check out Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco Grand Prix 2…


For anyone who has been clutching on, hoping for life to return to the Virtual Console on the Wii, you will be glad to know that Super Street Fighter 2 is coming. Hold on, it’s already out!  At least the SNES version. This version will be the Mega Drive version, which will include online play. A definite first for a virtual console game! Oh no, it doesn’t stop there, as the Mega Drive version of Strider is coming to the VC as well. About time, considering that the last title in the franchise was Strider 2, which was released for the Playstation and Arcade. Not to be confused with Strider II: Strider Returns.



Elite have been busy as of late, they’ve released three old school computer games on the IOS App Store. The first is Paradroid (iPad/iPhone) in which you control a droid through some puzzles in a slew of stages against other robots. Quite an addictive game this one, so watch out!

(App Store Link: iPhone, iPad)



Denaris (iPhone only at the time of posting this) was originally released  for the German market, and also caused a bit of controversy with its similarities to the ultimate textbook of space shooters: R-Type.  Nevertheless, it’s one fun side-scrolling space shooter game!

(App Store Link: iPhone)



Alternate Reality: The Dungeon, is the third title released by Elite for iOS. A traditional dungeon-themed role playing game which should hopefully occupy your mind and time.

(App Store Link: iPhone, iPad)



Speaking of dungeon-themed role playing games, GOG announces the release of Lands of Lore 1 & 2. One of the cornerstone titles from the late Westwood Studios. This game set the standards for computer RPGs in it’s time, and has influenced many others today (like that Skyrim game). Available now on gog.com

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