If there is one thing that we as gamers rarely think about, it’s what would happen afterwards, if the main villain actually managed to defeat the protagonist of the game?

What would he do?

Like this comical “What if?” situation created by Dorkly, which is a version of the game where Robotnik defeats Sonic once and for all. Sad, sad insight really. I shudder to think what Bowser would do…


Now folks, the following item I want to share with you all (which includes the trailer as well as the game itself) contains offensive material.

**Viewer discretion advised on the hyperlinks in the paragraph below.


Even though this side-scrolling “bullet” hell space shooter contains body parts and fluids of sorts, Space Phallus is actually a solid game. (Oh dear!) Great graphics reminiscent of numerous classic retro side-scrolling space shooters, awesome 8bit soundtrack and solid controls.

**The trailer is available on YouTube, and the game can be downloaded from the developer’s website **Charlie’s Games. Available as a free download for Mac and PC.



Earlier in the week I mentioned that Populous 2 is available on Good Old Games.  Good news!  But it gets even better fellow DOS-gamers, because Crusader: No Regret (sequel to No Remorse) is now available. Indeed a true classic from the days of DOS, which sticks to the roots of the first game very, very well.


It has been a while since there’s been a stylish, yet clever gaming shirt on the market.  Finally though, I would have say this “ROCK MAN” t-shirt fits the bill!  I had to actually look twice, as at first glance I thought it was a rock band kind of shirt, or some glam 80’s metal band of sorts, but on closer inspection it’s obviously not. Either way, a great shirt for any fan of Mega Man (or Rock Man, as he’s called in Japan).

Shirt is available to purchase at Red Bubble.



Last but not least, another classic game which caused a stir with gamers back in the day. Originally released on PC, SEGA Mega CD, and 3DO, Penn & Teller: Smoke & Mirrors contained a few mini games in the package. One particular mini game, Desert Bus, is now out on the iOS App Store.  This is quite an infamous game, as the entire objective of the game is to drive a bus across 360 miles (around 580KM). That’s it really.  Just drive a bus for that distance, across the desert. Don’t believe me?  Then check it out for yourself if you dare!

(App Store Link/Universal).  And in fact if you do download it, you’re also able to contribute to a charity so everybody wins! :D

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