You would think that it would be kind of obvious that a Twilight Princess is a GIRL wouldn’t you?  And yet, people still often refer to the main hero in the Zelda games as Zelda!  Oh, it happens alright!  However, I do notice it less and less.



I sincerely hope this shirt becomes so popular that it puts an end to this misnomer in of one of the most iconic video games in history.  It also happens to be quite a spunky looking t-shirt! :)

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This week’s chiptune is the first track called “Sloppy” from Mr. Spastic‘s EP “Claps and Leads“. It goes without saying that the track itself sounds sloppy, so check it out yo!  Great EP actually.

Available for download at

Those of you who went down the path of DOS gaming in the early-to-mid 90’s would probably not be familiar with this game (unless they had a Mac back in the day). Marathon was an awesome first-person shooter. It was actually more technologically advanced than Doom, but sadly didn’t get the kind of attention that it deserved.  Nevertheless, it’s re-building a cult following these days, especially with its recent release on the iPad.

But it doesn’t stop there, as Aleph One 1.0 is also finally being released. For those of you who don’t know, Aleph One is the project codename for keeping the fan recreation of the Marathon series legally free to download. For more information and downloads of the Marathon trilogy, head on over to where you can not only get a Mac OSX download, but also a Windows and Linux one as well.


Need a gloomy, yet very cool desktop wallpaper with an unexpected mashup? Then look no further, as Deviant Artist iGreefing created this piece which combines some classic symbolism from Super Mario, with some of the dark, artistic elements from recent indie classic Limbo.   This artwork should appeal to anyone who appreciates either games.


And finally, I just had to throw this in on a Monday morning for some awkward YouTube game-related comedy!  I came across this video on a mate’s wall on Facebook.  We are all well aware that Sonic is now 20 and is celebrating in style right now, but how did he celebrate his 19th?  This low-budget yet comical video is quite an hilarious depiction of Sonic’s 19th birthday! :D

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