We hope you enjoyed the review of Blast Corps on the Nintendo 64.. Amazing that we’ve been around now for 1.5 years, and this is the first Nintendo 64 game that got reviewed! Plenty more coming your way ;D

Have any of you played WarioWare: Smooth Moves on the Wii yet? There is a stage of mini games which are just dedicated to the classic games, for example here are the mini games with levels from Starwing.

(Source: Shortlist)

Combining pixel art with reality can be quite sloppy, but this artist does it right! There’s also one with Link, Bimmy and Jimmy, and more.

This is a short animation of Zombies invading Retroland? Bit gruesome, hah,… get it? bit? oh shut up :P Finally, well, this is interesting and big to boot (camp).

Cannon Fodder 3 has been announced and is coming out by Russian publisher GFI (with Codemasters to kick it up a notch, since they did license the IP back in 2008). It will be interesting on the path they will take, and thus far, it’s being developed for 360 and PS3 (probably for download).

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