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If you have a Neo Geo arcade cabinet (or even one of the consoles) you’ll probably be used paying huge prices for games. Here’s a new one to encourage the saving of your pennies – Neo XYX for Neo Geo arcade system (with vertical monitors). Looking somewhat like Raiden crossed with a bullet hell shooter set in a sci-fi universe, this very limited edition cartridge needs to be pre-ordered at a relatively hefty price of 399 Euros.

Interested? Check out ngdevdirect.com for further details.

Whilst on the topic of Neo Geo, the above cost might make the forthcoming December release of their handheld seem more reasonably priced. Below is a recent video of the Neo Geo X Gold handheld in action.

Source: www.retrocollect.com

Energy Breaker, a tactical RPG released on the Super Famicom in 1996 by Taito. It was never released outside of Japan, but a complete translation patch has just been released. If this sounds like your bag, check out the link below.

Source: www.romhacking.net

OverClocked ReMix (http://ocremix.org) have managed to work collaboratively with Square Enix in order to relaunch a Kickstarter for an epic 5 disc ‘rearrangement’ of the music from Final Fantasy 6. It sounds impressive, with a long list of collaborators on the project. As usual, there’s a whole bunch of rewards (including one where they’ll remix your own game!). I’m rather impressed that they were able to wade through all the legalities that this entailed, and equally impressed by Square Enix ‘allowing’ something like this.

Link to the Kickstarter here.

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 is running for the next week or so. This is an incredibly value packed indie collectiong, with a number of titles having a very distinct retro flavour. In addition, a number of game soundtracks are included. I’ll let the screencap from their website do the talking…

Get your value packed gaming on by clicking here.

The Giana Sisters ‘reimagining’ Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams has just been announced as having a release date of October 23 on PC, with Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game to follow early next year. The ‘Ikaruga like’ polarity switching between dreams and nightmares in a platforming environment sounds to me like the developers are aiming for a somewhat (though not really) Braid like ‘twist’ to the Mario style platforming the Kickstarter backers (and the rest of us!) were expecting. Further information and a just-dropped press release can be found in the link after the (rather awesome) video.

Source: www.joystiq.com (and Mike!)

Like chiptunes? In Melbourne on Friday 28th (tomorrow!)? Check out SoundBytes 12 at La Di Da (577 Little Bourke St in the CBD). $noregazZzm and Fauxhound from New Zealand will be playing and, after having a listen on their respective bandcamp pages, they’ll definitely be providing a very different spin on the ‘usual’ chiptunes style that you may expect. In addition, there’ll be music provided on the night by A art, Pselodux, cTrix, Abortifacient (who’s soon heading to Japan to play at Blip Tokyo), and a DJ set from Celcius. Got no idea who they are? Click on the provided links to their tunes. It sounds like a great night. $10 presale, $15 on the door.

Click here for more information at their Facebook event link.

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