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Here’s a gorgeous piece of art, the entire world of Super Mario RPG. If you go to the source page, you will find a link to a 3000×3000 image. WORTH checking out!!

There’s been a lot of controversy in the gaming news this week hasn’t there? Of course being the Playstation Network debacle. Quite horrific stuff to be perfectly honest. Time will tell if things will improve there.

However getting closer to home, and to be even more specific in the state of South Australia, yes once again talking about the R18+ Classification here. Our Attorney General John Rau has shown full support for the R classification, however not so much on the MA15+ classification. So what does this mean? Well South Australia might be the first state in Australia to have this new system. What happens to the MA15+ content? will we have a larger black-curtain section in video and game stores? Time will tell either way.

Image Source: Flickr user BaboMike

Whilst on the topic of politics and video games, who would think that there are bans on Arcade machines? Oh yes, in Massachusetts, USA there is a 29 year old ban placed in that state for Arcade games, and now there is talk of lifting it. Best of luck to the people of Massachusetts!

Need to spruce the office up with a mouse mat? Oh sure why not? Why not a retro-gaming mousepad even? This Etsy store has a few nice looking ones for sale.

Or you can’t get mintier as this eBay item, unless it was smeared in Toothpaste perhaps. I mean really.. Wow.. AU$1100 for a mint condition Sega Mega Drive 2 all boxed up and packaged.

And finally, once again the ever lovely Rinry has posted another highly entertaining and informative video this time Rinry takes a look at the Retro Duo clone console, it plays both SNES/NES games. Enjoy! :D

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