Source: Deviant Art user RichardTheRough

Sure why not? They released enough hardware to allow some kind of amalgamation here! :P 

Last night was a lot of fun wasn’t it? No doubt some would still be hungover or asleep from the mayhem. Expect a write-up from us shortly of the night!

Cracked have conjured up a great list of 6 games which were too insane to be released! If anyone has ever played the Steven Segal: Final Option game on the SNES? will know why it’s on Cracked’s list..Funnily enough all these games were from the same generation.. SNES and Mega Drive/MegaCD…

Oh dear god… One would HOPE that this Etsy merchant is using games which are already busted! So what are they? Well, they’re external USB drives using NES cartridges as enclosures

And finally, in the spirits of last night’s antics at La Boheme, here’s a mashup of the theme song from an old anime series called Doraemon, done with Street Fighter 2 sounds! Oh and Street Fighter IV on the App Store has been heavily reduced in price. See if it still is at the time of writing this post ;) 

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