There’s a lot of tacky looking clothing out there to show your love and passion for gaming, thankfully this isn’t one of them!




This NES controller tracksuit jacket is quite stylish, and is now available at Thinkgeek.

Bomb Jack is a classic game, a simplistic platform puzzle title which spawned numerous ports on home computers back in the day, and gained a lot of popularity. Katana Jack is pretty much a clone of this classic, and is now out on the iOS platform. The artwork is actually all hand drawn on an iPad, resulting in a pretty slick looking game.

It’s now available for 99c and is compatible with Bluetooth controller devices. (App Store Link/Universal)


Now here is a fancy font! Each letter is done in the shape of consoles and controllers. Pretty cool stuff!

Available to download at DaFont.






Oh wow, now this looks like FUN! Tiny Plumbers is an indie game which mimics Mario games quite strongly (as you can see in the video above).  However, it does include buckets of pixelated blood too. Cute in a grotesque way. Tiny Plumbers is now available for pre-purchase for Mac OS and Windows.



And to end today’s post in a more retrospective way than usual, here is a promotional video covering 20 years of Sonic’s history in around half an hour. Enjoy folks!



Oh and don’t forget that Gametraders Marion are celebrating their 4th birthday this Saturday. Loads of stuff to check out in store.

So make sure you all come along and celebrate!! :D

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