Source: Walyou

You can’t have too much Tetris in your life right? Exactly, here’s some photos of Tetris-shaped foods

This is clever, albeit pretty slack at the same time, so this contraption pre-records this bloke’s Super Mario Bros. speed run. Quite an effort to achieve this in under 6 minutes as well! 

Toucharcade has posted a trailer for an up and coming re-release of Double Dragon on the iOS platform. Aksys Games has made the announcement on their page as well. The game not only will include new graphics/sound, but also two player mode via bluetooth, combo moves, chain attacks, and special finishing moves which blow the specials in the previous titles.

This week’s chiptune goes to Sabrepulse, an artist based in the UK which makes a lot of sweet music which which incorporates a lot of 8-bit sound into Dubstep, Drum n Bass, and IDM/Glitch. This particular tune “Party Mode” is from the album Chipbreak Wars.

And finally, remember the French larrikin Remi Gaillard? Infamous for his Pac-Man and also a Mario Kart skit? Well he’s returned with a new skit, going back to a second punt at Mario Kart once again. Folks, do not repeat what this guy does, what he does is extremely dangerous (but so bloody funny to watch!) 

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