Jeans have always been in fashion, and it’s quite likely they always will be.  And at times, the seventies for example, people have taken it into their own hands to embed their favourite characters on them too…



Deviant Art user goodash03 has added some cool decals to a pair of jeans and brought this retro fad back in style.  Brilliant! :D


In gaming news, we finally have the pricing and release date for the Atari Arcade Duo. It can currently be purchased for $59.99 (US). This game looks like it could well be a contender for the iCade, however it does have some pros and cons. The pros being that you can charge the iPad on the dock, the cons are that you can only play games in portrait mode. Either way, at a smaller cost than the iCade, it should appeal to many retro arcade gamers out there. For now, it can be purchased at and elsewhere later in the year.



Okay, now this is pretty rad!  A Pac-Man “Inky” ghost dress!  Unfortunately, it’s not available for purchase, which is a pity as it’s just in time for that ghoulish holiday at the end of the month that the northern hemisphere tends to celebrate. Oh heck, this dress would suit all year round (when the weather is suitable of course).



Have you ever had any really deep thoughts about  the Nintendo 64?  Well this guy most certainly has! In the above video he delves deep into discussions about the Nintendo 64 being the most advanced console ever made, due to its plethora of expansion capabilities. He also discusses, in depth,  the numerous logics behind the Nintendo 64’s expansion. I found it to be interesting and informative enough to share with you folks :)


Last but not least, Dorkly again delivers a comical video with classic game characters. This time it’s Sonic and Tails visiting their agent. So…does hilarity ensue?

You will just have to check out the video to find out!  ;)



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