(Source: Flickr user LostMitten)

Wow, very handy for those crying at endings to intensely story-driven Anime RPG’s on the SNES, or anyone playing Tomb Raider 2 perhaps? ANYWAYYYYYY…

Whilst combing the ever lovely eBay, we come across this interesting post about a games console made by Commodore.. not a computer, and no it’s not the Amiga CD32 either, but it’s the Commodore 64 GS. At the time of writing this, it’s going for about AU$370. Dare you to bid for it ;)

Surely this will be out in the rest of the world, but Namco has released a free version of Pac-Man Battle Royale on the US iOS App Store. What is Pac-Man Battle Royale? Well.. Pac-Man traditionally is a 1 player game (well.. two player but you take turns). This knocks it up a notch and delivers an up-to-four player deathmatch. Coming to the Arcades and other devices no doubt. 

And finally, here’s a series of short 8-bit animations with animals. Some quite funny (like the one posted above). Check the rest out :) 

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