Source: Custom-Art

Hmmmm *ponders at the art* Indeed, an exquisite approach on combining retro on top of retro. One would hope that it is not a workable cartridge of course! ;)

Okay this is an interesting concept. Cities are being re-done Google Maps style (as in zooming in on suburbs/towns/roads) but in 8-bit. is the project, and their plan is to cover more cities around the world in this style. Best of luck to them, it’s such a good idea! 

Image Source: Infendo

So according to this article from Huffington Post, playing video games for an hour a day, is good for the soul! Absolutely! No matter what it is, old or new, for an hour or more.. Just don’t go overboard for oh.. say THREE DAYS NON STOP

And finally, is this a coincidence or Miyamoto’s little prod of a game reference into another? Either way, this is pretty boss. Starfox references in Majora’s Mask, well more like Star Fox ch.. oh just check the video yourself! 

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