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There’s just no doubt about it, Mario has taken over the world.. Who would have thunk a carpenter turned to plumber, turned to world dominating super hero! Arguably the most popular video game character of all time. So next time you see your plumber or carpenter? Give them a pat on the back, who knows? They might run for Prime Minister one day!


Portable gaming is a very important part of the industry, especially nowadays with an extreme rise of interest in smartphones. The iControlpad should help set the scales, and works with most major tablet and smartphone devices. If you have an emulator on your portable device, if it is one listed on the iControlpad website, then it should pretty much work, interesting peripheral. Thank you for the link Shlee!

Brilliant, so this video is a re-make of David Bowie’s classic tune Space Oddity, but with characters from StarFox as puppets. Heh, cute! :P


And finally, Just another friendly, and important reminder about this event on Friday night, so if you’re in Melbourne, and hankering for some sweet-ass 8-bit music? Drop on by to La Di Da (corner of King and Little Bourke St). Pretty big line-up as well: Abortifacient VS Bankai10K, godinpants, Vicious Cyclist, Maddest Kings Alive, and this week’s featured artist: Pselodux! (Yes every link on the artist name takes you to a page with music of their’s so don’t hesitate, and pound these wicked tunes)! I’ll be heading over to do a report and take some photos hopefully! Once again, it’s fantastic to see events like these pop up in Australia, and considering the talent in the 8-bit (and alternative electronic) music scene, Australia deserves to be on the chiptune map!



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