I was reminiscing the other day about how sociable gaming was back in the day.  I fondly remember having friends over (or vice versa), to play a slew of hired games for the Master System, or “procured” ones for the Amiga 500, or otherwise loitering in Video Arcades.



Here’s a great, old style comic strip from WYSIWYG comics about socialising and interaction with gaming back in the day. Oh sure, it’s focusing on the NES, but the same rules apply with any other console.  Hell, even Video Arcade meetups! Pretty funny all the same, and there are plenty more little comics when you click on the image :)


Ah yes, companies in Japan were infamous for releasing regional exclusives!  Although other regions did the same (such a shame that the rest of the world never got to know about Aussie Rules Footy on the NES), but just not quite as extensively.  Lately, as I have mentioned, there have been a lot of homebrews appearing, but reproduction cartridges have also slowly been on the rise.

One in particular is the reproduction of a Japan-exclusive title Akumajo Special: Boku Dracula-kun, otherwise known as Kid Dracula. Now, you might be thinking, “Hold on Dave, didn’t Kid Dracula come out on the Game Boy? In multiple regions?” Correct, but we’re talking about the Famicom release. Props not only to the translators of the game, but also Retro USB for selling the cart for any NES.



I’ve seen plenty of amazing looking tattoos in my time, and many pretty rad, game-themed ones too!  Sadly, I’ve seen some pretty crappy ones as well.  But I think the one in the picture above, definitely belongs in the former group.  What do you guys think? Would you get SEGA tattooed on your knuckles?

Q: What would happen if you grabbed a Contra (or Probotector) style game and upped the limit of players in one level from the classic two players?

A: You would have Super T.I.M.E. Force– a new indie game by the creators of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, and Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes!

There is however, no indication as to what platform this game will be on ( judging on the game company’s platform choices in the past), it’s still up in the air. It might be released for PC on Steam, or for iOS, or even Nintendo DS/3DS.  Regardless, this looks like a very solid retro-inspired game!

And finally, Eurogamer has recently interviewed Lord British himself– Richard Garriott. Richard has spawned many, MANY amazing games in his time, including the Ultima series. What is interesting about this interview though, is how he talks a lot about a “new” RPG codenamed “Ultimate RPG”, and how he wants it to be a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game!  Kind of like one he made a long time ago? Called Ultima Online? Interesting fact about that game however, people still play it!

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