An artist has created concept pixel art on various cans of Coca-Cola. Hopefully someone high up at Coca-Cola takes the time to look at this concept art and then release it to the general public! What do you think? :)




It’s been a while since they made any collectible cans.


Meanwhile over on the NeoGaf forums, information has been posted about the upcoming reboot of Syndicate (wolfgirl6w Project Redlime) which reportedly came briefly from EA’s Origin online store, but which is now gone. This means of course, that it could well be announced this week. The forum post has small screenshots and box art as well as a blurb with details on the title.

The last Syndicate game to come out was Syndicate Wars for PC and Playstation back in 1997, and then it was re-released on PSN in 2008. Additional screenshots are located in the post on the NeoGaf Forums.




Sonic Generations (SEGA’s next release in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise) goes back to the roots of the first Sonic games on the Master System, Game Gear, and of course Mega Drive. The above photo from SEGA’s Blog indicates that the collectors edition of Generations will be quite pleasing to any Sonic fan. Generations is scheduled for release in November-December on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and 3DS.


Image Source: Flickr user fletcherjcm

If you are planning to be in Japan around October 22nd-23rd, then there is no excuse for you to miss Tokyo Blipfest. Plenty of well-known acts in the 8-bit music scene will be performing live at this two day festival: Anamanaguchi, Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, Role Model, and cTrix to name a few. Tickets are available on

…providing the perfect segue in to this weeks Chiptune! Japan’s own Xinon, who will be also performing at Tokyo Blipfest 2011, generally delivers quite energetic, positive and happy vibes with his music. The tune in particular I’ve been listening to a lot lately is Wing of Thanatos from the EP Moonlight Sympathy, which can be downloaded from



Image Source: Discoverybaygames

As I’ve stated in the review of the iCade, (a solid, well-built device with its junction of officially supported games like the Atari Greatest Hits collection) there is a lot of potential for more support for the device in the market. And it appears that Atari wants to take a shot at the iPad gaming accessory market with its own equivalent- enter the Atari Arcade Duo Powered. Sure it doesn’t make your iPad look like an arcade cabinet, but the Arcade Duo Powered might just cost quite a bit less than the iCade, and there are less buttons on the Atari Arcade. Either way, time will tell when the device is finally released.


Following on with news in mobile gaming, there are not one, but two notable releases for the iOS platform.

Firstly, Dot Emu has released Rod Land as a Universal App. For those of you who don’t know, Rod Land is a puzzle game similar to Snow Bros and Bubble Bobble. This Jaleco title came out on a slew of systems back in 1990. Rod Land is a challenging game considering you only have one life to start with, and the controls take some getting used to. You can’t jump, however you do have a magic ladder you can summon, and your weapon is a wand which slams enemies to the left and right. For $1.99 Rod Land will keep you hooked with numerous power-ups in the game, plenty of levels, and overall a very colourful presentation which adheres to the traditional platform puzzle genre. (App Store Link)

Source: TouchArcade

Secondly, the classic platform game Another World (or Out of This World if you live in the US, or Outer World if you live in Japan) developed by Eric Chahi, is turning 20 on September 22nd of this year. To celebrate this anniversary the game is coming out on the iOS as a Universal App, meaning it will work on iPhone and iPad. As you can see in the video above, the iOS version of Another World is going to have a very interesting control system implemented with the inclusion of the traditional d-pad system as well. Another World will be priced at $4.99 on the iOS App Store.

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