Do you remember the television show Full House? Well then, this parodical mashup of the show with a traditional one-on-one fighting game should either bring back some memories, or make you shudder after a brief chuckle.

It is a pretty funny video, but unfortunately it’s not a real game.


In need of a new poster in your house or office? Or perhaps some more geeky prints on your wall? Then this highly in-depth poster of the evolution of video game console peripherals and controllers should interest you! It shows just about every peripheral you could think of with some exceptions like the Hori Nintendo 64 controller to name a few.

Jeff Minter of Llamasoft Games fame has released two games on the iOS app store, Minotaur Rescue and Minotron 2112. The upcoming update will include support for the iCade, which also applies to the new game from Llamasoft called Goatup (a simple and fun platformer where you play as a goat jumping upwards onto grassy platforms).  Lots to look forward to from a legendary games developer!

ever wondered what the classic Neo-Geo platformer Metal Slug would look like in real life? If so, then I would recommend you watch Metal Slug in Real Life, a very professional looking short film by YouTube user Andrewmfilms which depicts how much fun it would be to play this game for real! Metal Slug has gained cult status ever since it’s first release. The franchise has spawned numerous sequels since, on various platforms both old and new.

It’s been almost 24 hours since mentioning the leaked information on the Syndicate reboot, well it’s time to relax, because it is official. The full press release is available on StarBreeze Studios delving more in to the announcement, features and platforms that it will be released on (Naturally the big 3: PC, PS3 and Xbox 360).

Many are intrigued about how it will work out as a reboot, will it keep to it’s roots of the original series even though it will be a first person shooter? From what can be seen in screenshots yesterday, it looks atmospheric enough. Syndicate will be planned for release by EA Games and Starbreeze in early 2012.

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