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Running out of ideas for a present these holidays? Planning on getting someone a brick, or preferably a slab of rock? Well perhaps you should get them one of these? A highly detailed GameBoy chiselled from stone!

(Source: CommodoreUSA)

Talk about bad timing.. only because it’s the end-of-year holiday festivities and too late to get as a gift. Regardless, Commodore’s site has been updated with the release of the new Commodore 64. They’ve gone the full yards with this re-release here my friends, with memory card readers on one side, and DVD burner on the other. Full specifications are on the Official Website, but what we can say now, here, is that the C64 is dual-bootable (triple-bootable if you want to put Windows on it for some reason), so you get a choice of booting straight to BASIC or boot into Workbench 5.0 which includes a C64 emulator and a media centre. Sadly the BUY NOW button isn’t operational as of yet, but the online store link does state that they will be shipping worldwide!

This is quite unexpected, a hilarious music video of a sweet-sounding rap by DashieXP called 8bit BeatRush Nightmare. There are plenty of comical videos of Mortal Kombat 2 characters going shopping, and other random/miscellaneous videos. Plenty HERE to check out too.

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And finally, G4tv look at top foods from video games (mainly old, but some new). Really.. who would eat a roast chook off the ground? Anyone here? No? Knew it.. Or what about say a leg of meat hidden in a wall from Castlevania? Or the infamous TMNT’s Floor-Pizza?

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