What do you have on your walls at home?  Posters, framed paintings and illustrations most likely… Imagine waking up to this every morning! It would feel something like being inside your very own Pac-Man game!





Society6 has photos of some huge, amazing looking Pac-Man decals to stick on large areas of wall in your house or office. From the looks of the photos, they might be selling these colourful decals on their site very soon. Here’s hoping!


While we’re on the subject of Pac-Man, here’s a hilarious claymation mixed in with a “Pacapella” tune.  The animation is great and the song is amazing as well. So be sure to check this video out, as well as many others from their YouTube channel.



In gaming news, Good Old Games has Sim City 2000 Special Edition for sale on their site on gog.com. So if you love your simulation games and have never played this, then you are missing out! Many would argue that the first Sim City was the finest of the series, but at the same time many would consider Sim City 2000 to be the pinnacle. Either way give it a whirl!


And finally, what does one do when there is a lot of time to kill and you have video games on your mind? Play video games right? But not when there isn’t a console around…

Spotted on Crenks, these folks have had a lot of time on their hands, but look at the end result! Gorgeous Mario 3-centric thumbtack artwork if I don’t say so myself! :D

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