There’s no denying it, a lot of people are taking their passion for classic gaming to the streets.  And here we have yet another anonymous work of street art:




From Flickr user Oranges and Apples, this street art was spotted in Paris. I have often wondered if people out there make art from obscure games, and my guess is yes!  Then again one’s interpretation of obscure could differ to others :)



Now, take a moment to have a think about the games Asteroids and Breakout (or Arkanoid). Okay, now imagine what would happen if they both amalgamated!

Presenting Breakeroids- a unique version of the two classic games on the iOS platform where you have to defend earth with a paddle, and ensure all asteroids are destroyed. The initial impression I got from playing this game was that it has a clean presentation, simple sounds, and vector-based graphics to boot. I also thought it might get manic with keeping track of what is happening on screen, but therein lies the challenge!

(App Store Link/AU$1.99/Universal).



Over at they’re selling Pac-Man drinking glasses. The price may put people off, but it IS Pac-Man after all! :D

Heads-up though, the website is in Japanese.











And finally, here’s a video done by a YouTuber who has recreated the sounds of Sonic The Hedgehog level 1 game play, including the Green Hill Zone theme tune. I suggest perhaps you skip the first 30 seconds as it is muppets discussing which of YouTube user Sonaje‘s videos to watch…

Also, upon further investigation into this channel, I found some more videos similar to the one above. Check ’em out!

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