Melbourne hosted a Chiptunes/Glitch/8bit night called SoundBytes 10 over the weekend.  Those lucky enough to attend this event would have enjoyed a showcase of numerous amazing Australian talent!

For more information check out my report on the previous SoundBytes, which was in July of this year.



I briefly mentioned this week’s Chiptune last week with a promo trailer, and coincidentally Little-Scale and Dot.AY‘s collaboration album titled “Loom” was launched on Friday night during SoundBytes 10.  The track that’s been glued to my brain since the weekend is actually the self-titled track “Loom” (which is reminiscent of Starscream), with its detailed ambience building up to a cornucopia of 8-bit joy, and yet with a simple head-bobbing beat to definitely get you through the day.  In fact the entire album is a great audible journey for all who appreciate 8bit ambient with beats (like myself).

“Loom” is now available for download on Bandcamp.


Tetris Tetris Tetris… Ah, it has to be one of my all-time favourite puzzle games (or so I thought until I saw this variant of it). This is First Person Tetris which can be played on The idea of this version is that the screen rotates when you rotate a brick. As you can see in the video above, it’s not for the faint-hearted or anyone who’s prone to motion sickness.



Retro remakes and homages on the Android and iOS platforms are no strangers to each other, and Stardash is no exception. Folks, this platform game is quite reminiscent of the Wario Land and Kirby games on the Game Boy, but the objective is to get through each stage super-fast whilst collecting as many coins as possible. I fear this game will get quite addictive if I keep playing it!

Stardash is out now on the Android Marketplace, and the iOS App Store


Now here is a you-beaut, hand-made Cosplay for Zelda 2 fans from Deviant Art user OrngeJuice. Not sure how well that one would work with viewing it front or back, but nevertheless, it’s pretty damn cool!


And last but not least, a couple of weeks ago I reviewed Sonic Generations and had a lot of fun playing it!   In fact I still am (trying to finish all the challenge stages). And yes, I still stand by my statement that it’s the best Sonic game made since Sonic and Knuckles. The PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions have been out for a while now, with 3DS owners getting hungry for that Sonic action. So here’s a trailer for a very soon-to-be-released Sonic Generations on the 3DS.


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