Hello there and welcome to the first iteration of our new series: Stuck At the Home Screen. With things being the way they are currently, most of us seem to playing it safe and staying home a lot more than previously. This means a lot of us have more free time on their hands than usual and could benefit from something to take our minds off the current reality we’re living through. So Retrospekt are here to help, with a collection of neat retro gaming themed video’s we’ve come across over the past little while (Ed: who’s else has been randomly clicking on YouTube videos for hours?). Some of these retro themed videos are rather old, some quite new, and others a little in between. But they’re all worth a watch, so we hope you enjoy!

Unseen 64 gives us a look at a prototype build of the cancelled BioSwarm. Originally in development for Nintendo 64 and Playstion, it looked like a cool mix between S.C.A.R.S and Destruction Derby.


The ever-informative Did You Know Gaming gives us some info on video game related comics.


A great look back at the history behind the ol’ Gameshark cheat device courtesy of Wrestling With Gaming.


This awesome Metroid animated short by Rabbit MACHINE is well worth the minute it takes.


And finally, I’ve been watching a lot of Summoning Salt‘s video’s related to the history of speedruns lately so expect a bunch of those to pop up in these posts. First of which is this great Punch-Out!! themed one. It’s long but definitely worth it.


And that’s it for todays pile of video entertainment! From all of us at Retrospekt, stay safe and have a great week. We’ll be back with the next episode of Stuck At the Home Screen in the next couple of weeks! If you come across a video you think would be good in one of these please feel free to let us know.

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