The Atari Jaguar – a console failure worth owning?

The Atari Jaguar was soundly beaten in the marketplace by its 16 bit contemporaries and solidly thrashed by the marketing might of its 32 bit rivals. Still, there's a lot of value in the console if you pick the good games out of its relatively small game library. Retrospekt examine whether it's worth acquiring Atari's last hardware release, along with some of the better games for the system.

In Retrospekt: Pokémon Addiction – The Silent Killer

With the ‘new’ Pokemon Black and White coming out soon, I thought it was about time to address an issue that has by no means had the attention it needs. A crippling, degenerative condition which not only alienates one from family and loved ones, but also prevents me from writing a joke here. I am talking, of course, about Pokemon Addiction.