In Retrospekt: Super Street Fighter IV national tournament at Streetgeek – Written by David Kudrev

The other day, from the Ganatomy podcast, I found out, and was invited to attend the national Super Street Fighter IV tournament at the Uniting Church in Colonel Light Gardens. Bearing in mind that I more or less suck at this game, but still went to support and finding out what was a vibrant community-orientated gathering of gamers under the one roof.

In Retrospekt: On the retro-gaming trail: Hong Kong – Written by Mel Portolesi

I recently had the pleasure of spending 5 incredible days in Hong Kong. I’m not sure what makes this place so amazing, but when something compels me to keep on walking and exploring no matter how tired and aching my feet are, I know I’m on to a good thing. Hong Kong is modern yet retains traditional elements. The city is vibrant and fast-paced. To put it simply…it has life!