In Retrospekt: Pokémon Addiction – The Silent Killer

With the ‘new’ Pokemon Black and White coming out soon, I thought it was about time to address an issue that has by no means had the attention it needs. A crippling, degenerative condition which not only alienates one from family and loved ones, but also prevents me from writing a joke here. I am talking, of course, about Pokemon Addiction.

Ultracade Live: Zombies VS Ninjas

Once again Ultracade Live treats us Adeladians with a fantastic relaxing evening at La Boheme Cocktail Lounge (located on Grote Street in the CBD, right opposite Coles). Every couple of months, the renowned DJ Tr!p hosts an intimate evening in an intimate venue, cozy, decent-sized for some cocktails, socialising, either casual or competitive retrogaming (with prizes from numerous sponsors, in particular local stores and businesses like Game Dork and ShinTokyo).

In Retrospekt: 10 Pokemon you WANT!

Early next year, two new Pokemon games will be released for the Nintendo DSi (and 3DS by default). However, these games are not a complete rehash of the same old Pokemon formula since the Red and Blue days. No, these new games Black and White will feature new battle systems, new locations and most interesting of all, 100% completely new Pokemon.

In Retrospekt: Retro Nation (situated at Galaxy Toys)

Toy stores, they were one of many major facets of our childhood where we got to get spoilt, or where our parents tried to calm us down, buy our love, or reward us for the hard work at school. To get the latest action figure from that cartoon which had bland, cliche’d storylines purely to sell the said products to make their millions, nevertheless they put a lot of joy in our hearts back then. I myself recall going to plenty back when I lived in Sydney, and many here in Adelaide always giddy with excitement!

In Retrospekt: Ultracade Live – SEGA edition

Every 3 or so months, Adelaide gets embraced with one event which no other event in this town can compare to, oh wait, maybe because it’s the premier event for cocktails, chiptunes, retro video gaming, and competitions all under the one roof. Enter Ultracade. Note that I’m writing this report just as I got home from the event, and still buzzing on the cocktails drenched with lush energy drinks and themed names for said concoctions.