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Woah! My mind is blown! So Mario really did have to die to become a legend, ah such sacrifices made for a greater good right? No lets have a think there about the artwork for Super Mario Bros. Is that position for Mario chosen for artistic reasons? Hilarious that it took all these years for somebody to notice that!



Elite, creators of the ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection, have announced that they’re offering a sale on all the games on the ZX Spectrum app for iOS. They’ve been very successful with this package, that they’re very very close to announcing their 100,000th sale of the games. Recently both the iPad and iPhone versions of the app got updated with improvements, as well as including more games, bringing a total to 150 ZX Spectrum games to choose from (either in single purchases, game packs, or you could buy the entire library at a reduced price. Some of the games which should really stand out above the crowd in this release, is Midnight Resistance, and Jet Set Willy 2! So get in there, and re ZX your spectrums.. or something like that.

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Here’s a cool T-Shirt from Threadless. Bowser being the shark from Jaws (which I do believe was called… Jaws..), and Princess Peach swimming above. I mean can you picture Mario with a Roy Scheider facial? “Smile you Son of a” *lobs fireball* Oh of course not, he’d be dead from shooting a fireball at a brick ledge..




This week’s Chiptune goes to another artist who is performing live at the Soundbytes 9 gig this Friday at the La Di Da Bar, Melbourne. Pselodux who is based in Melbourne, focuses a lot of his sounds from a gritty yet empowering Amiga kind of 16 bit era. He has an EP on Bandcamp titled, Galaxy of Moving Objects is available on Bandcamp (name your price!), and the tune for the past week I’ve been thrashing and loving, is “ander”.



And finally, another hilarious video from Dorkly, this time with Mega Man and his tutor, but something goes wrong. If only studying was this easy right?!?


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